This Week’s Guest

Tommy Kirchoff

This Wednesday on the show I’ll be talking with Tommy Kirchoff about healing exercise. Tommy was born in 1972 and was an alpine ski racer in both high school and college.He began teaching skiing at age 15, and went on to coach his college race team and serve as club president. While in college, Tommy studied a number of physical education classes, including kinesiology. He began studying under healing exercise under Grandmaster Victor Fu in October 2003 and has practiced hard to become one of Master Fu’s top students. He’s been teaching Fu Style since 2004 and has a number of students here in Utah. In October 2010, Tommy’s abstract, A Study on How to Apply Tai Chi to Alpine Skiing was accepted into the International Congress on Science & Skiing. Visit the Healing Exercise website if you’d like to know more before the show, otherwise listen in on Wednesday as we chat about healing exercise!

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