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Aaron Dykstra

Aaron Dykstra was born in Tacoma, Washington where he grew up in a family of 10. He graduated from Pierce College, in Washington with his associates degree and then went on to pursue his bachelors degree in Nursing at Brigham Young University. After graduating BYU, he is persuing a Doctorate in Nursing and is planning on furthering his career as a Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in Holistic therapy. Aaron is also a student at The School of Natural Healing where he has received his Family Herbalist Certificate as well as his Nutritional Herbalist Certificate. He plans on receiving his Master Herbalist degree from there as well.  He has also done extensive studies and practiced with a variety of essential oils and aroma therapy.  He has been studying herbs and nutrition for the past 5 years.   Aaron served an LDS mission in Porte Allegre, Brazil. He has been married for 2 1/2 years and has his first baby on the way.

Product Spotlight: Relìv

Brenda Park was raised in California, has lots of experience running her own business, and is currently working on a degree in Child Psychology.  She loves helping people and has always had a great sense of compassion for others which is why she loves Relìv.
Relìv International is a worldwide marketer and manufacturer of nutritional supplements.  Relìv bases its nutritional formulations on the latest in nutritional research, focusing on three areas of nutritional science: bioavalability, synergy and what Relìv refers to as “optimal” levels of nutrients or “the Relìv Difference”.  To learn more about Relìv, listen for the product spotlight on this Wednesday’s show.  You can also visit Relìv or contact Brenda Park.

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