This Week’s Guest – Wednesday August 25th on 1400 AM Utah

Dr. John Garrett and Dr. Janet Garrett will be my guests on August 25. The Garretts are both graduates of Brigham Young University, Nova University, Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, New England Institute of Hypnotherapy, and numerous other post-doctoral certification programs. He is also a graduate of Reese Institute School of Massage Therapy. She is also a graduate of Empresarial University and Florida School of Massage.
The Garretts are Clinical Hypnotherapists (CH), Energy Medicine Practitioners (EMP),  Life Mission Trainers (LMT), and  Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT). She has competed in over 100 track meets and road races throughout the USA, including four marathon races. She earned her university degrees in the following majors: Education and Child Development & Family Relations, Counseling Psychology, and Behavioral Science.  
The Garretts are members of the American Medical Massage Association and the American Tai-Chi and Qigong Association and teach eight specialized Group Workshops throughout the USA. They are the Directors of the Garrett Mission Clinic where they sponsor a weekly Cancer Support Group, a monthly Energy Medicine Support Group, and a monthly Quantum-Touch Healing Circle. They are also the published authors of the following: A Baker’s Dozen of Activities on Humor and Laughter (Booklet), Annual Life Mission Statements (Book & DVD), Energy Medicine Handbook (Handbook), Gratitude with Love Journal (Journal), Life is A Mission (Book), Life Mission Basic Course (Study Course), Tai-Chi Life Training Program (Book & DVD), and Your Foreordained Mission (Book).
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