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throat chakra harmony creativity expressionWell shoot! I have a sore throat! I remember my neurosurgeon’s nurse telling me that if I get an infection to call her. If the sore throat doesn’t go away by Friday then I will call her, but that means the surgery may be postponed. That will be a test of my new-found patience but that’s OK. Meanwhile I am focusing on balancing my throat chakra. Blue is the color of the throat chakra and I wore a blue outfit today to work. An unbalanced throat chakra may mean I am not speaking my truth, or not expressing myself. That’s why I am blogging right now, so perhaps this expression of my thoughts will clear my throat chakra. Today I had lunch with a dear friend and we chatted about deep values and beliefs. And tonight I chatted with a very old and dear friend – we met in 7th grade – and laughed and had a great time. So all of these things should strengthen my throat. Now looking at it from a more physical perspective I gargled with salt water, drank tons of water, chewed on a lot of Airborne, used essential oils, rested, and took some Micinex D, So I am being very holistic and “mind/body” in my approach to this. And if none of this works and the sore throat persists and the surgery is postponed, then what’s to worry about? All things will unfold exactly as they are supposed to .I have no need to control.
I do have to say that this morning as I was pulling out of my driveway, my youngest son was getting in his car preparing to leave for work too. I had a very strong impression to jump out of my car and hug him. I usually follow these impressions but I did not do it this morning. Instead I just drove off and he was on my mind all day. That was actually kind of nice, but I knew I needed to say something to him about it. So when I got home I told him about it and he said he would always gladly accept a hug from me anytime. Still not sure why I did not follow my prompting but I have to wonder if that contributed to my sore throat. The throat chakra is about expressing our truth, and jumping out of my car and hugging my son would have certainly been an expression of my love for him. So tomorrow I am going to add one more item to my throat chakra balancing treatment plan: When I feel the prompting to express myself, I’m going to do it! Just sayin’….

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  1. Good Morning Glenda,

    It is 6:37 CA and I just put Christopher on his dial-a-ride bus to go to “work”. I will probably go to my classroom today and start putting up bulletin boards; kids start school on 8-25 but I go back to meetings on 8-19. I was surprised, after knowing you for the past 40 something years, that you did not run over and hug your son; you are so affectionate, but maybe that was the lesson, to teach you to always follow your instincts. Next time you feel like doing or saying something positive, as you always do, you will “just do it.” Thanks for reminding all of us to do the same! I hope your sore throat is gone; I know you are anxious to get your surgery behind you so you can get on with taking care of your family, friends and students as you always do for us! Love and prayers from your long time friend, Jeanne

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