Time to Make More Lemonade

Lemonade pitcherAs you know, I am blogging about my experiences during my recovery from brain surgery. Well, now something has happened that gives me the need to blog about another event. My husband has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. He spent the last 5 days in ICU and is home now and feeling well. Our next step is to see a bladder cancer specialist at the University of Utah. So far we don’t know how serious it is or what the plan of treatment will be. So we are just taking one day at a time. Life is certainly handing us lemons lately, and I am getting overdosed on lemonade!

I am feeling well. My pulsing vision has still not gone away, but I have until May when I see the eye surgeon again, so there is still time for it to clear up. I am fatigued, but I take plenty of naps and have learned to take care of myself and not overdo things. I am just glad I am able to be with my husband and support him through his experience. He has certainly supported me. Ain’t love great?

7 thoughts on “Time to Make More Lemonade

  1. Glenda…this certainly was a double whammie…and I am sure very unexpected. Sending both you and your husband light and love and healing. Thanks for the blog keeping us all updated on events.

    Peace Sonja

  2. Glenda,
    Wow! So sorry you both have to deal with these major health challenges. A thought I had when I read your email……focused on your loved one’s (husband) major health challenge will help you “see”.
    Love you/Ellie

  3. So sorry to hear about Steve. As you know, we do know how it feels. Your names will stay on the Mesa Temple Prayer Rolls as long as I work there. Love to all.

  4. Hi Glenda,

    Just catching up with your info about your husband. You certainly didn’t need more health issues and stress in your family. Sending healing energy, and loving thoughts and prayers to you, your husband, and your family!!

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