Tired of TV

Yes I am still bored and am getting so tired of television. I watch The View and The Talk and all they talk about is sex and celebrities and Kim Kardashian’s bottom. Enough already! I look forward each day to Ellen Degeneres’ show because hers is a bit toned down, but my favorite thing is to watch movies. Time goes by, there are no commercials, and they usually have substance that I can get engaged with. I do my best to get involved with other things like laundry and doing the dishes, but major household projects are beyond my reach at this point in time. Here comes the weekend – hopefully I can go to some movies. Yahoo!

One thought on “Tired of TV

  1. Glenda, you can come to Riverside to teach special education students; I would enjoy watching some TV! I am so happy that you are healing so well. What ever happened to your white tonuge; is it pink again? It’s the weekend; go out with your wonderful children and cute husband. Wish I lived close to you; CA is too far away from you. Take care, kiss Steve for me. Love & Prayers, Jeanne

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