Trax of My Tears

traxI take the Trax (light rail train) to work on Thursdays. It takes 50 minutes. This morning just before I arrived at the University my husband called and said he was bleeding a lot from his bladder. It’s funny how the big picture doesn’t bother me as much as these smaller events. This was hard because I wasn’t right there to assess and help him. It’s like the whole cancer journey all hit me this morning on the Trax. I remained calm while talking to him but had a mini melt down as I got off the train and walked to work. I texted my daughter and asked her to spend some time with her dad and she did. That was comforting. And once I got to work I was distracted and quit worrying, although I repeatedly checked my cell phone just in case something happened. When I got home he was still having a lot of blood in his urine but he feels fine. We will see his oncologist tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Trax of My Tears

  1. What a roller coaster…..Glenda…you have such strength teaching AND dealing with your own and hubby’s health challenges.

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