Tumor? GONE!

Melissa, Sid, me, Brad, Marlo in MRI waiting room

I had a great Valentine’s Day. I was very nervous about getting an MRI to see how much the tumor on my brain had grown. My family members were also concerned and accompanied me. It was just so nice to have everyone there It took my mind off the outcome of the MRI.  I felt very loved an cared for. One of my sons even gave me some roses for Valentine’s Day. Well, as it turned out, there was nothing to worry about. My neurosurgeon said the tumor was completely gone. He said the “sliver” that other doctors thought was the tumor was actually just a normal darkening of the brain lining in the surgical site. Yay! He said to come back in a year just to continue monitoring. So now I think my challenge is to focus on gaining more energy and having a positive attitude about my health and release worry. I really want to do all I can to release this fatigue. I can do this! Thanks to all for their prayers and support. Are we having fun yet? Yeah.

5 thoughts on “Tumor? GONE!

  1. This post makes me SO happy for you. Mazel tov!!!. (I have no idea why that popped into my head…. but Mazel tov anyway!!!

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