TV Revisited

TV April 2016Well after all the bragging I did about canceling cable TV, I have a confession: I ordered it again. Not that I watch that much TV, but I found it a drag that Hulu, Netflix, local channels and Amazon Prime don’t give me the option to record things. I got tired of roaming around looking for something to watch, and I missed the Guide telling me what was on. And honestly, I miss Dancing With the Stars!!! So I called Comcast (Xfinity) today and signed up as a new customer. Because I get internet and land phone through them, it was a lot cheaper in their bundle than it was with just straight DirecTV.  I’m spending about $100 a month less on TV now. So that’s good. I hope I don’t regret it. Do I feel like a failure? Nah. I gave it a shot. I’m hooked on the ease of use in cable TV. But seriously, technology is so expensive!!

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