Unfried Green Tomatoes

garden August 4 2015The garden is flourishing abundantly. Yesterday my daughter-in-law picked 57 cucumbers! And the tomatoes are plump, green and numerous. I fear they will all turn red on the same day. Growth is a wonderful, inspiring thing to watch.

Steve’s radiation therapy is going well and it appears to have lessened his bladder pain. He still has great difficulty with walking because bearing weight on his left leg causes a lot of pain. We are hoping the radiation will help with that. He will finish radiation on Monday, so he has 4 days to go. We will see his oncologist on Friday. Sadly, in order to plan hospice care, we will have to ask her how long she thinks Steve will live. I know nobody can really answer that question. But our insurance only pays for 6 months of Hospice so we need a ball park estimate. As I write these words they seem a bit harsh but that’s how it is right now. He doesn’t really need Hospice yet. He took a shower this morning and is able to care for himself most of the time. On the other  hand, it would just be nice to switch to home care and stop making so many trips to physicians.

Steve’s sister and husband visited today and are on their way back to Oregon now. I wish they lived closer. it was great seeing all of them.

To follow up about whether or not to get a TV for our bedroom, many of you suggested that we go ahead and get it. At this point in time Steve is not in favor of it. We’ll see…


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