Up and Down

GogglesI was so excited on Monday. I went to campus, had a couple of meetings, and got a lot of work done. Then I went to Tai Chi in the evening and when I got home, I WASN’T TIRED! That was so unusual. I am still dealing with the fatigue that has been my companion since I had brain surgery 20 months ago. So having a day without it is so refreshing! On Tuesday I was still feeling energetic and went to an ENT (Ear, Nose. Throat) clinic to run some tests to figure out why I am dizzy so much. That was an adventure. The audiologist put goggles on me that photographed my eyes while he asked me to look at colorful moving lights. Then he poured cold and hot water in both ears, which made me dizzy. He found I have an inner ear problem and the treatment was pretty easy, so we’ll see if it worked. So far no dizziness. But I was sad when the fatigue came back with a vengeance Tuesday evening. Tonight I’m feeling better again. My energy is like Utah weather – it goes up and down and is unpredictable. It was 75 degrees outside yesterday and tomorrow it’s going to be 50.

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