Ups and Downs and Chores

We were watching Steve decline and then rally. We are back to decline again. He had a very painful night a couple of nights ago. He says it’s the worst he’s ever had. Yesterday the hospice nurse changed his medications and he had a good night last night. However, with  the change of meds his delusions have come back. For example, he thinks the headboard had dirt in it and spiders are coming in and he needs to spray them. Well I say delusions are better than pain, and he agrees. He is spending his days in bed now. Today he wants to write something for this blog, so stay tuned.

PantryAs for me, I am trying to stay organized. It just feels better when company comes to visit Steve if I’m not worried about the house looking clean. I know I could just let that go and quit fussing, but it’s easier to just keep things cleaned up. Yesterday my daughter-in-law Avery helped me re-organize the kitchen pantry and it has added a measure of peace to the kitchen. Now today I need to go through the mail and get that organized, grade papers, learn a new software program for next semester, and answer some emails.Not sure what I’ll do about auto and home maintenance things that Steve usually handles. I have three willing and able sons, thank Goodness.  I try to get things done while Steve is sleeping. Which he is doing now. So I will get going.

6 thoughts on “Ups and Downs and Chores

  1. Hi Glenda and Steve,

    Glad to hear pain is better; we never want you to be in pain. I will keep you all in my prayers as always. Love from Jeanne in CA

  2. Glenda…the blog is a good way for you to talk it out. It is a challenge to see someone you love so deeply and for so long so thru all that he is going thru. The hospice team should be a big help. You and your family remain in my prayers.

    Peace and blessings

  3. Glenda your website was down for a month or so for me as every time I pulled it up it was saying it was a virus. So tonight I just wanted to see if I got the same response as I have thought of you and Steve a lot and wondering how you both were doing. Well low and behold it came up. Broke my heart to hear of his constant battles with the issues surrounding his journey. You both are in my prayers and will continue to keep Steve at the front of them. God Bless

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