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I thought it was important to see my neurosurgeon and eye socket surgeon before I leave the country next week. My neurosurgeon visit was great, and my brain is “outstanding.” I visited my eye socket surgeon yesterday. My appointment was at 3:10. I take the train and it takes about an hour to get there. I arrived a few minutes early and as usual, everyone was friendly and caring.
waiting1I waited ONE HOUR in the waiting room. My anger kept building and oh, the conversations I had in my head! “I will give them 10 more minutes and then I’m outa here!” “If I leave now, the one-hour train ride would have been worthless.” “What am I, chopped liver? Why doesn’t someone explain the hold-up and apologize and offer me free lunch?” “Calm down. Take a deep breath. I need to make sure my eye socket is OK before I travel.” “Why didn’t I bring a book to read?!” I was just getting so mad. I posted my frustration on Facebook. It felt good.
They FINALLY called my name and took me back to the room, did some tests and then left me alone for another half hour!! Really?? The surgeon came in three times after that but since my MRI was not up on the computer screen, he asked someone to get it up and then left. I mentioned my frustration to the intern, and he was understanding. When the surgeon finally stayed in the room, he was super kind and caring. We had a great visit and I learned a lot about my eye socket condition (there’s a hole in it). He said the constant pulsing will very most likely go away in 2-3 years. Waiting for the healing is better than the risk of surgery. He also said my brain and surgical site looked very, very good. I  did not mention my frustration about waiting an hour and 50 minutes to see him.
I got on the elevator and mentioned to the stranger in there with me that this was a 4 hour physician visit: an hour travel time each way and then spending 2  hours in the office to see the surgeon for ten minutes. She asked me who I saw and I told her and she said, “Well, you saw the best of the best. It was worth the wait.” That calmed me down, and I appreciated her comment. I released my anger (I really have better things to take up my thoughts) and I have re-learned a valuable lesson from long ago: When making a physician’s appointment, get the first appointment in the morning, or the first appointment after lunch. Then you wont’ have to wait so long.

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