I was looking forward to seeing a neuro ophthalmologist in hopes that she could fix my eyes. Well, she did a great job of diagnosing the cause of each of my symptoms, including double vision, lack of focus for reading, and imbalanced walking. It’s all related to 3 of my cranial nerves that were irritated during surgery. So everything is as expected. I feel great to know that there is an explanation for everything. She also said that the part of my brain that the surgery was near deals with language. So if any of my blogs don’t make sense, I can use the surgery as an excuseI  Yahoo!
The neurosurgeon said I just need to be patient – I am doing great and just need to wait for my nerves to settle down. I said, “There’s that darn P word again!” It is so hard to be patient. She said one of her favorite sayings is, “Just because I’m waiting doesn’t mean I’m patient.” She was very understanding. The bottom line is that I get to continue waiting for my nerves to heal. I can do this. I talk to my nerves, I watch TV, I watch movies, I do eye exercises, and I cry sometimes. The usual time to heal is 6 months after surgery and I am a little over 3 months now. So I’m over halfway there.


3 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Hi Glenda!
    Sending you continued blessings and prayers on your healing journey and a poem 🙂
    Hugs, Jen

    Divine Time

    We all have heard the story
    Of the tortoise and the hare
    And sometimes it inspires me
    Sometimes I cry unfair-
    For patience is not easy
    In a human state of mind
    We want things when we want them
    Or feel stuck in the grind-
    Yet patience is the greatest gift
    In a world set on high speed
    For things come in Divine time
    When this is what we need~

    Jen Reich
    Phoenix, AZ 10-27-13

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