Wake Up Smiling

smile morningI had a great time last night on RN.FM Blog Talk Radio, talking with Keith, Kevin and Elizabeth about the upcoming Rejuvenation Collaboration IV. I will be keynoting the event on October 21. It’s a wonderful online event that is FREE for caregivers and others who want to learn about how to get out of their own way and take better care of themselves. When Keith asked me last night if I had one tip for starting the day out right and positively, I immediately responded with, WAKE UP SMILING! Our emotions follow our body language, and even if it hurts, smile anyway! It really does make a big difference in your attitude for the day.

One thought on “Wake Up Smiling

  1. I love it, Glenda! That was the answer I was hoping for. I did this today and will make it a goal to continue to do this every day. Smile, smile, smile. I love yours!! Oh and my second favorite part of your interview- when you said if it’s not fun it isn’t worth doing. So agree! I am glad you and I had a blast together last night on the show and will have even more fun next month. Thank you for being you and doing the work that you do!! Elizabeth

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