I have blogged about how a health challenge is a lesson in patience because there is so much waiting – for test results, for appointments, for symptoms to get better, etc. Well, it’s also a lesson in weighting – I have gained about 15 pounds since surgery. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but most of my clothes don’t fit and I don’t want to buy new ones. I eat for comfort, and until recently I wasn’t picky about what I was eating. Now that my husband has been diagnosed diabetic, I am taking my diet more seriously. I ran across the Gabriel Method, founded by a man who lost hundreds of pounds by meditating! So I listen, for free, to his meditations every day. It’s a 21-day program and I think it will work to get me less addicted to sugar and poor nutrition and get me back to healthy eating. I am at risk for diabetes myself because my dad had it, so I really need to get serious about nutrition. The wonderful side effect of this is that after I listen to the Gabriel Method’s recording, I meditate on my own. I used to meditate for an hour every day and I am approaching that again. It is really marvelous and health promoting. I am more grounded and confident and actually am more productive when I meditate regularly. I spend some of the meditation time visualizing healing for both my husband and myself and I feel like I am DOING something now to make a difference. Mediation seems to give me a sense of control and power in this sometimes out of control situation.

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  1. Cheers regarding the meditation approach. Sounds wonderful! Neal Barnard has a vegan book for diabetes, should you be interested in another option. I also like Geneen Roth’s approach to food issues. Interested in hearing how it goes for you. I am always on the lookout for new approaches to food issues for myself and my clients. Take care. Sending loving energy!

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