What Happened?

It’s been about 3.5 years since my brain surgery to remove a meningioma. It was a life changing experience. I am finally getting curious about exactly what happened after surgery. I don’t remember a thing for about 3 weeks, except for the out of body experience I had.
For the past couple of weeks my fatigue has become very burdensome, so I am wondering about how damaged my brain was in surgery. I looked up some of my old lab and imaging results and have discovered quite a few things that I did not know about. For example, along with swelling in my brain I had a subdural hematoma, a subdural hygroma, a hemorrhage, widespread seizure activity, a cyst on my pituitary, and a dead spot on my pons which was probably due to a stroke. I haven’t looked up my actual medical chart yet, so I don’t really know what went on while I was “out.” I’m beginning to think that I am doing REALLY WELL considering all the damage I am reading about. I’m wondering why I am not more disabled, or more dead. I will ask my neuosurgeon about this when I see him on Valentine’s Day. I think I will most likely take a look at my medical chart, and review the blog entries my kids make when I was in the hospital. I’m not sure why I am so interested now. I just feel that a few weeks of my life are missing, and I’d like to know what happened. Not sure why I need to know. I think it’s just human nature – we always want to know why things happen, so we can frame it in a way that makes sense. The good news is that I am wondering why I am so well, instead of wondering why I am not so well. Could be a lot worse.

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  1. Hi Glenda,
    I always think my glass is half-full instead of half empty. As we age, best to put health/disease issues in the half-empty part. And then move on to focusing on my good mind, my spirituality and in general a very positive attitude. This is how I have viewed your approach to your health. I can understand how you have to work with your day-to-day symptoms and know more about your 3+ weeks after your brain surgery. I see you as perfect in my mind’s eye.

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