What Stories are You Telling Yourself?

StoriesI was delighted to attend a presentation by Jean Watson, PhD, RN while cruising the Caribbean. She said, “People are as healthy as the stories they tell themselves.” I have pondered that statement, and had an interesting experience this week. My knees have been hurting and inflamed for about a week. It has been very difficult going up and down the stairs and I’ve had to slow down. The story I told myself had to do with the cause of the inflammation – change of diet, anger, bad luck, any excuse to find blame. Well, I have recently come to the awareness that I need to slow down and not be in such a hurry regarding a decision I need to make. Once I realized that, I understood that my knee pain was also “telling” me to slow down. Well, it was sort of “forcing” me to slow down. I thanked the knee pain for communicating this important message, and when I did, the pain left! I feel great and I can slow down without experiencing the knee pain. This was the perfect metaphor for me. I’m glad I realized it before I believed the story I was telling myself about the knee pain.

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