What to See

A few days ago I had a laser treatment on my left eye for glaucoma. The ophthalmologist sort of poked a hole in my eye so the pressure would be released. Left untreated, glaucoma could eventually take my eyesight. The experience made me think, if I were to lose my vision in a few years, what do I want to see before I go blind? I asked my 21-year-old grandson the question and he immediately said Japan. I searched for my own answer, thinking about countries and landmarks and art work I’d like to see. Nothing really stood out. I finally came to the conclusion that there’s not really a thing or place I just have to see. My answer is that I would want to be sure to see the faces of my grandchildren as much as I could before losing my eyesight. Then I looked at the question from a different view: What is it in my life that I’m not seeing or refusing to see? What am I turning a blind eye on now? What opportunities are right in front of me that I am not acknowledging? Well I wish I could say I have an answer to those questions, but I don’t. I’ll keep pondering this, and keep enjoying the faces of my grandchildren.

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