Wind Horse

horseHappy Valentine’s Day! A few weeks ago I went into a “New Age” store and browsed the beautiful art work there. I saw some raku ceramic horses and they “spoke” to me immediately. I loved them and decided that one would be a perfect Valentine’s gift for my husband. He has a collection of ceramic horses, and we have a picture of a “Wind Horse of Opportunity” by our front door. The story is that we can hear opportunity galloping up behind us and if we start running, when the opportunity (in the form of the horse) catches up to us, we will be able to jump on its back and ride like the wind. If we are not prepared, the  horse (opportunity) will gallop past us. The horse I got for my husband is called a Spirit Pony.  The tag says: “The horse teaches that real power comes from strength and wisdom. It requires love and passion in order to achieve.” There are lots of metaphors associated with horses and I’m glad I got this one – my husband loves it.  Horses are strong, patient, yet gentle and loving. The ceramic horse I gave my husband is sleek and moving forward with intent. It is  young and has a lot to learn. I love the world of metaphor and am glad I can look at this piece of art and be inspired to move forward and become.

2 thoughts on “Wind Horse

  1. Beautiful story and imagery Glenda. I thought you might like this poem. Blessings and love, Jen
    Child, Maiden, Mother, Crone

    The little girl grew older
    While the old woman grew young
    And both of them connected
    Before their song was sung-
    They gathered in the meadow
    Wild horses at their side
    The dance of timeless beauty
    The movement of the tide-
    Holy, holy, holy
    The birds sang with the breeze
    And Mother Earth embraced them
    With the branches of the trees-
    She rocked them like a baby
    And then picked up the pace
    Child, maiden, mother, crone
    No veil of time and space-
    And when the dance was over
    She set them on the Earth
    And gently kissed their forehead
    To bless them at their birth~

    Jen Reich
    Phoenix, AZ 3-17-14

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