Integrative Health Conference

minbodyspiritWow! I just returned from the University of Utah and SHIM Integrative Health Conference and such a great time meeting new people, connecting with friends and colleagues, and learning a lot. So I have a lot to blog about! If you are interested in my presentation, you can click on “Power Point Slides” on my website. Frankly there isn’t much information on my slides, but you are welcome to ask me any questions you might have about how we can use our minds to optimize healing. This positive thinking stuff really works!

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During my presentation I summarized a research study mentioned in Marco Iacoboni’s book Mirroring People. In the study, one group of students was asked to think about a college professor and write down attributes related to intelligence. Another group was asked to think about soccer hooligans and write down those attributes related to lack of intelligence (I really hate to use the word “stupid”). Then a general knowledge test was given to both groups, and the group who thought of college professors outperformed the group who thought about soccer hooligans. This study illustrates how the mind can change the brain. It also demonstrates how powerful our “mirror neurons” are in our brains, and also the power of positive thinking. Now I am wondering if I think of a fit, healthy person, will I become fitter and healthier?  Maybe I can come up with an experiment where I think of a particular attribute for 30 days, or think of a particular person with that attribute for 30 days and see what happens.


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