Write Your Own Story

On the way to Tai Chi this morning my friend and I talked about the Chronicles of Narnia.  There is so much to learn in those books. One blogger put it well: When a child in the stories asks about another character, Aslan the Lion often says, “I am telling you your story, not hers. No one is told any story but their own.” The blogger related it to the recent Women’s Marches. My friend and I talked about how it is tempting to be competitive at Tai Chi and judge ourselves less than skilled, or better, compared to others. But perhaps it would be better to just figure that each student has his/her own story and we should just let that be. We should just worry about our own story, nobody else’s. I couldn’t help but apply this to parenting. Now that my kids are grown, I need to just let them create and live their own stories. It’s their business, not mine. I’m just so glad that I am a part of their stories. This reminds me of a song by Lex DeAzevedo: “I’m the one who writes my own story. I decide the person I’ll be. What goes into the plot and what will not is pretty much up to me.” Writing my own story is enough. I don’t need to write other people’s stories. I can release judgment and enjoy.


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