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TV1Now this is funny. Our son Brad went with me to buy and set up a  TV for the bedroom so Steve and I can be entertained on days he is confined to the bedroom. So we watched Penguins of Madagascar. At the end, Steve listened to  the music as the credits rolled FOREVER. I wanted to sleep. We had a little tiff about it. He said, “You’re the one who wanted the TV.” And I said, “You’re the one who didn’t want it so why are you playing it so loud and long?”  He said, “Why are you being so mean?” Then I said, “Why are YOU being so  mean?” So as usual we are arguing over the TV just like always. I’m glad we got it. Thanks to all of you who recommended it. It feels like things are back to normal. Or at least close to normal.

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  1. As the parent of a disabled child I have leaned to pick your battles; DON’T FIGHT OVER THE SMALL STUFF!! Glenda, I would give anything for Greg to be here and watch TV with me, let Steve watch what he wants, when he wants and enjoy his company. A year ago when you were in the hospital, he would have let you watch what you wanted, I would guess, now it is your turn. Your loving friend Jeanne in CA

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