You’ve Got Something I Need…

Enjoy this video created by my son Brad and family for my birthday. The singers are my sons Andy (red hair) and his wife Kathryn, Brad (in the bathroom) and his wife Avery (light blond hair), Sid (hiding behind tree), my daughter Pepper (in her apartment) and her son Marlo (in the back yard). I love the song… “If I only live once, I want to live with you.”


7 thoughts on “You’ve Got Something I Need…

  1. Beautiful! Thanks for putting all those pictures together for all of us to see. Such talent in the Christian family! Jeanne in CA

  2. Amazing clip….wish I knew who was who! I recognize Pepper. your sons who was at an AHNA conf. doing pictures and your husband. What a fun family…so active and full of laughter!


    • Kathy I was so surprised to get this video from my kids. I am always amazed at how great my kids are and I just really can’t take credit. They were born into this world as who they are, and I just kept them safe and taught them to have good manners. Ain’t motherhood awesome?

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